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"Jens is a solid banjo player, always fun to hear!"
 - Ron Block of Alison Krauss & Union Station

"Sällan har jag mött en musiker som har sån kärlek till sitt instrument. Och som dessutom fått gåvan att spela det så bra. (Lite störande är att han dessutom är en vacker karl). Vissa har det."
 - Bo Kasper Sundström

Jens Koch banjo

Photo by: Johan Lygrell

"Jens is a driving banjo player with taste to match... Do yourself a favor and make an opportunity to lend him your ears... I look forward to hearing what come next from his musical development."

 - Frank Solivan of Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen


I'm a banjo player. I'm based in Stockholm, Sweden. It all started when my uncle introduced me to an LP with Flatt & Scruggs at the age of 11. I remember being floored by the banjo sound, of all the energy in the music, the energetic drive. I was changed forever. Growing up and learning to play the banjo in Sweden where banjo playing isn't that common was a bit of a challenge and required me to go west and get more inspiration. So at the age of 14, I had saved up for a ticket and took my banjo and went to the USA for the first time. Since then I've had the pleasure return many times and I've enjoyed playing music with people around the world in various bands and configurations. I love it. The band G2 was my main gig between 2005 and 2016 and we got to play many incredible venues around the US and Europe and made amazing memories. These days I enjoy doing freelance live and studio work with my banjo and guitar. I also teach banjo lessons out of my home in Stockholm, Sweden. Feel free to drop me a line at I love to help!


I look forward to continue to bring the banjo into exciting formats in various genres. Thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy the music and for many great collaborations down the road!





It's on

Photo by: Johan Lygrell


Banjo lessons!

October 06, 2020

Get started, take your banjo playing to the next level and get some new inspiration! I specialize in bluegrass style banjo and I welcome all levels, from the most basics to the more advanced player. Contact me for more info and to book your lesson! I do lessons in person in Stockholm or via video.

Fiddle & Banjo fun!

August 23, 2016

Playing with Megan Lynch Chowning was a real treat! Lots of folks came out to the show and they were a great crowd too! I so look foeward to play with Megan again! Go to the LISTEN page to see a video from the night at Rost!

Let's introduce: Halos & Horns!

February 26, 2017

A new band has formed! Halos & Horns is a band based in Stockholm, Sweden. We felt an urge to play bluegrass as G2 decided to call it off after 11 years together. We're stoked about this new group. The fun part of this band is that the band members all have a wide range of experience from different genres and together we have something exciting. Singer Ann Björling has sung most styles and has performed frequently on stages all around the world, from Stockholm to Wembley Stadium. Per Björling, Ann's husband, plays most instruments and is often seen with pop bands but in Halos & Horns he handles the upright bass. Andreas Rydman is guitar wonder who also plays with everyone. Erik Igelström plays the mandolin and has long been a part of the band G2 with Jens. We did a short video the first we ever played. Click the link below to listen. Stay tuned for more Halos & Horns music and news! 

Hello and welcome!

July 15, 2016

Welcome to my website!


Here i will post what's up in my musical life. I recently decided to take my banjo playing to new horizons, having played mostly in bluegrass settings (I still love bluegrass, don't get me wrong) but now I do more freelance gigs with bands and musicians in different genres. I also teach private lessons quite a bit. The band G2 has been my main focus for quite some years now and recently we decided, as great friends, to go separate ways. This  has lit up a new fire inside of me and a hunger for new collaborations and adventures. What can be done with the banjo and where can it continue to take me? I'm eager to keep finding that out. I'm super happy to get feedback from you and I promise to continue posting stuff, video clips, news, pics etc. as things roll along. 





December dates!

May 25, 2016

December is a fun month! I will be playing with my good friends and awesome duo David & Tilde Nov 30th and December 2nd in Stockholm and Göteborg. On December 5th and 6th I'll be performing on the very very nice annual Christmas concert in Immanuelkyrkan in Stockholm along along with Frida Öhrn, Bo Sundström, Linda Lampenius, Erik Igelström, Daniel Lemma, Isabella Lundgren and many more. Also doing the last Rost date of this year on Dec 17th where Yves Aerts from Belgium joins on the guitar and vocals. 2016 has given me some fun musical challenges and I look forward to 2017 and even more music, live and in the studio!

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I'm happy to hear from you! For lessons, studio recordings, live shows etc please email me at or call me at +46728552994.



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